Best Anti-Virus Software for Your Laptop

There are many different solutions to protecting your Windows computer from viruses, but which one is the best?

avgFirstly, there is AVG Virus Protection, one of the most popular choices of anti-virus software. We give this software a solid 4/5 stars. Although the software has a large virus database, we found the interface to be overwhelming.

We then reviewed Norton, the most expensive of all of the software’s we tested. The software is suitable for more advanced computers users. It has additional protection against Mail Viruses and Firewall, which the other software’s don’t have. I would say Norton is not required for most users, however if you use your computer regularly then this could be a good investment for you, so we gave it 3/5 stars.avast_getpctools

We then downloaded McAfee. We liked the fact that the software is good value, and offers protection against hackers and also allows you to set up filters for family concerns. It does however, have the worst interface out of all the software we tested. It does a great job of removing viruses though, so don’t be disheartened by the not-so-attractive main window. We would recommend this software to small businesses, as there any packages available for large companies. As well as the great support they offer.

The next software we used is Avast Free Anti-virus. Right from the installation process, I liked the clean and neat user interface. The software is easy to use and it too has a large virus database. It also alerts the user by voice when it updates it’s database. This anti-virus is the best for the every day user, and it’s free! We award Avast 5/5 stars.

To conclude, we liked Avast the best. Its sharp interface makes it a breeze to use, and it can be upgraded at a small cost to include additional protection.

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