Second Hand Laptops Under $500

Technology is changing all the time. We live in a truly digital age which requires access to a computer. This is especially true for kids in school to college. It is also true for adults who work at home and those who wish to communicate with people across town or the world. Indeed, computers provide quick communications and have woven themselves into the fabric of our daily life. Now, it is a fact that a brand new computer might cost a few thousand dollars, but there are second hand laptops under $500.

Finding a second hand laptops under $500 is a simple task today. There are numerous sources online and in the local community that provide opportunity to purchase a very affordable laptop at a very low price. The problem revolves around finding the best low cost used lap top. Let’s face facts. All laptops are not the same. Some second hand laptops are very good deals while others are not.

The second hand laptops are also referred to as refurbished or used. Certainly, it is best to stick with a well known brand like Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, or Acer. They are recognized as some of the top laptop and computer desktop manufacturers. There are many great deals on these top brand second hand laptops that will probably provide several years of use.

The second hand laptops like the Dell Inspiron laptops provide great functionality and plenty of features that rival many of the newer models. For example, the Dell Inspiron 15-1545 has a fast processor, 4GB Ram, and a 320 GB hard drive. This is more than enough processing power, RAM, and space for the average computer user.The only downside is that they might be a bit slower and have a smaller hard drive than the latest Dell models. Still, they are great deals. It is easy to check out the name brand manufacturers websites and search for second hand laptops or other second hand websites online.

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