Dell Laptops Under $500

When you are looking for Dell laptops under $500 you may think you need to search high and low to find them. It’s not where you look to find them that matters but knowing where you can find them that matters. Many retailers no longer carry all brands of electronics in their stores since there are so many makes and models. So if you want to see everything a retailer has to offer, you will want to search their online websites for everything that you don’t see in their stores. And this includes great laptops under $500.

Some of the Dell laptops under $500 include:

Dell Inspiron 15, this model ranges under $299 and goes to $449.99 for the touchscreen model. Backed with the Pentium processors that hold their own when it comes to computing power the 1.9 GHZ processor followed with a 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB memory makes this model great to shop for. The first two models in the Inspiron 15 line are standard models and one will contain the Pentium processor while the other will feature a 4th generation version. Topping at the $500 range and beyond are the touchscreen versions of the Inspiron line.

The Dell Inspiron 17 starts at the $449 range and is equipped with a 4th generation intel core processor. The seventeen inch screen is a great addition making this a powerful replacement for a desktop computer with the versatility to go with you on the run at a moment’s notice.

The Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series is another great addition to the Dell line at $449 and one of the newer models. Featuring a touch screen the only downside is the eleven inch screen. Despite that it holds the same Pentium processor as the other models along with the same 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB memory to go with it. This makes this slightly bigger than the netbooks on the market with the power and finesse of a desktop. Easy to carry and to handle, the keyboard becomes almost obsolete with the LED touchscreen.

If you have under $500 to spend on your next laptop, search for these models. There could be rebates and coupons to lower your price.


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