Best Anti-Virus Software for Your Laptop

There are many different solutions to protecting your Windows computer from viruses, but which one is the best?

avgFirstly, there is AVG Virus Protection, one of the most popular choices of anti-virus software. We give this software a solid 4/5 stars. Although the software has a large virus database, we found the interface to be overwhelming.

We then reviewed Norton, the most expensive of all of the software’s we tested. The software is suitable for more advanced computers users. It has additional protection against Mail Viruses and Firewall, which the other software’s don’t have. I would say Norton is not required for most users, however if you use your computer regularly then this could be a good investment for you, so we gave it 3/5 stars.avast_getpctools

We then downloaded McAfee. We liked the fact that the software is good value, and offers protection against hackers and also allows you to set up filters for family concerns. It does however, have the worst interface out of all the software we tested. It does a great job of removing viruses though, so don’t be disheartened by the not-so-attractive main window. We would recommend this software to small businesses, as there any packages available for large companies. As well as the great support they offer.

The next software we used is Avast Free Anti-virus. Right from the installation process, I liked the clean and neat user interface. The software is easy to use and it too has a large virus database. It also alerts the user by voice when it updates it’s database. This anti-virus is the best for the every day user, and it’s free! We award Avast 5/5 stars.

To conclude, we liked Avast the best. Its sharp interface makes it a breeze to use, and it can be upgraded at a small cost to include additional protection.

HP Laptops Under $500

Laptops have changed over the years, having to keep up with current technology and programs while still providing the same power as a home computer. As a result you would think that finding one that is affordable would be difficult. ButBut The exact opposite is true, and a great brand names can produce great laptops under $500 that have the power you are looking for at the right price.maxresdefault (4) (more…)

Second Hand Laptops Under $500

Technology is changing all the time. We live in a truly digital age which requires access to a computer. This is especially true for kids in school to college. It is also true for adults who work at home and those who wish to communicate with people across town or the world. Indeed, computers provide quick communications and have woven themselves into the fabric of our daily life. Now, it is a fact that a brand new computer might cost a few thousand dollars, but there are second hand laptops under $500.


Finding Laptops Under $500 on eBay

If you are in the market for a new laptop but don’t want to spend a ton of money in the process, why not use eBay to find one that fits your budget. Despite many sites preferring Amazon as their go to retailer, you will find many high quality laptops under $500 on eBay and often this includes the shipping and handling.images

Everyday hundreds of laptops are auctioned off on eBay and many can be purchased at very reasonable prices. All the major computer brands are found on this auction site; including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Acer, Sony and Apple. With a budget of 500 dollars or less you can find many new and slightly used laptops that have up-to-date operating system and all the features of the more expensive models. Laptops under $500 on eBay are easy to find and with a few clicks you can have one delivered to you today.

There are many eBay sellers competing for your money and this is good for you, the end consumer. This competitive market places allows you to be able to find a really good deal on the laptop brand of your choice. If you do not like the bidding process, many eBay sellers now offer the by it now option on many items including laptops.

One example of just how cheap laptops can be on eBay is a refurbished Dell Latitude laptop with dual processor, built in Wi-Fi, DVD burner, and premium Windows 7. All for the very low by it now price of $189.00 which includes free shipping and handling. This is just one of the many amazing deals you will find on eBay.

There is no need to pay lots of money for a laptop when you can find an affordable alternative that works just as well. Why spend more when you don’t have to? Why not head on over to eBay and find a laptop that is right for you. Shopping on eBay will save you both time and money, so why not get started today?

Great Business Laptops Under $500

If you run a small or large business, having the right computer equipment is an important part of a successful company. Computers can be very expensive when it comes to business grade model but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of business laptops under $500 and in this article we will cover three of the top PCs. (more…)

Dell Laptops Under $500

When you are looking for Dell laptops under $500 you may think you need to search high and low to find them. It’s not where you look to find them that matters but knowing where you can find them that matters. Many retailers no longer carry all brands of electronics in their stores since there are so many makes and models. So if you want to see everything a retailer has to offer, you will want to search their online websites for everything that you don’t see in their stores. And this includes great laptops under $500. (more…)